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HTC OnePerhaps one of the biggest questions out there at the moment is ‘is the HTC an Android phone?’ The answer is yes. However you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance. This is because HTC have put a lot of effort into customizing the stock Android system to create something almost perfect. Let’s take a little look at the phone in depth shall we?

Let’s go back to the first question. Is the HTC an Android Phone? Yes, it has Android 4.2 installed as standard. However, you can now update to Android 4.3 which boasts a plethora of new features. Like most manufacturers, HTC has added its own lick of paint to the Android system. There are a couple of changes but nothing too major, just a couple of additional apps installed as standard. The main thing you will notice is the fact that the system runs incredibly smooth, far smoother than most other Android devices out there in fact. You will of course be able to install new apps from the Google Play store if you wish so there is no limit to what you can do with the phone.

The phone design is probably one of the sleekest ones on the market at the moment. It boasts a 4.7 inch screen, which is of course in full HD (1080p). Despite its size though it weighs less than 145 grams, which makes it perfect for carrying around (some of the other smartphones on the market are far too big)

The processor, like most Android devices at the moment is a Snapdragon 600. This is a quad-core processor which reaches speeds of 1.7GHz. This is complemented by 2GB DDR2 RAM to give a very slick interface. You will not believe how fast it is until you try it! Of course, the speed of a device like this ensures that it is able to cope with some of the latest games on the Android Market (and if you are more of an application fellow for business use, you can run multiple ones at a time!)

Of course, in this day and age storage space is incredibly important on smartphones like this. The HTC One comes in two different capacities. The first is 32GB and the second 64GB. This is not expandable, although if you want to store your documents somewhere you can always use a free Google Drive account.

The camera is superb capturing videos and photographs in stunning HD. There are a couple of extra surprises added in by HTC to make your video and photograph recordings a bit easier too through the software.

The battery is a huge 2300 mAh and boasts up to 18 hours talk time on 3G. This is a considerable amount more than any of the competitors on the market.

This is a fantastic little Android phone and gives a real bang for your buck. It is certainly worth a purchase if you want something a bit more unique than the stock installation of Android.

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