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iPhone 5 - Galaxy Phone StoreThe IPhone 5

When people think of Smartphones, it is quite often the iPhone range which is the first to spring to mind. After all, it was Apple who pioneered the usage of Smartphones over the past couple of years. Whilst the iPhone 5 is not the biggest selling smartphone in the world (that honour goes to the Samsung Galaxy) it is still a top quality cell phone and one that is worth every penny. Let’s take a look at it in depth, shall we?

Perhaps the biggest change with the iPhone 5 compared to its predecessors is the size of its screen. Here you get a 4-inch high screen which packs so much more information onto it. Of course, it looks brilliant too. After all, you have the fantastic retina display which goes down a treat. The colours are just so vivid. Despite the extra-long screen, the width of the device remains exactly the same as the iPhone 4S. Which means it is incredibly easy to hold and thus type on (which is important as this is a multimedia device)

The inside of the device has been given a nice upgrade too. In the iPhone 5 you have an A6 Chip. If this means absolutely nothing to you, don’t worry. It just means that this is one heck of a powerful device. If you have ever used another of the Apple products you will notice the increase in speed straight away. The great thing is, it isn’t as power-intensive as the previous chips and thus you can look forward to an increased battery life. In addition to this, the graphics are superb. This is much needed because as you know, games on Smart devices are becoming more powerful by the month. In fact, some are so powerful at the moment that they can only be played on the iPhone 5!

Without going into too much depth on the camera, I just want to say that it is stunning. There are a ton of features packed into it. This includes the ability to take panoramic pictures in superb quality, Facetime in HD and of course a 720p video recorder. For me, this is a viable substitute for carrying a camera around in your bag. You will be able to capture everything that you come across in pristine quality.

Of course with the iPhone 5 you have a tonne of features for you to sink your teeth into. The most popular is ‘Siri’ which acts as a personal assistant to you. There are also tonnes of features packed into the latest operating system with more updates being released as time goes on. You also have access to a huge amount of apps through the Apple Store.

The Apple iPhone 5 is an absolutely superb device. It isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it certainly packs a real punch if you are searching for a device which boasts a tonne of features and can accomplish them at speed. This is ideal for both business and individual users.



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